Best Low Carb Bread You Can Buy (Don’t Waste Your Money On Any Other)

If you miss bread on your low carb diet… you’ll love this! 🙂

Last month we had some GREAT discussions about this Low Carb Bread on my Facebook page and in my Facebook group, so I wanted to share with you what other low carbers said about it – in addition to what I LOVE about it.

It’s the Low Carb Everything Bread which I order from Netrition, and it makes a GREAT low carb grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂

Low Carb Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It’s delicious 🙂 The key: PLENTY of real butter!

It’s great timing too, because I’m about to try & review their Low Carb Pasta. I already know how much I liked the Low Carb Fettucine with the Organic Marinara:

… so this week I’m going to try the Low Carb Penne and Rotini Pastas – in both hot and cold low carb pasta dishes. 🙂 I’m also going to try/review the Organic Low Carb Tomato Basil Sauce this time. Although I’m nervous about that – because the Organic Marinara has been my favorite. It totally rocked my socks!!:)

Why I Order From Netrition

I’ve been ordering low carb foods from Netrition for almost six full years now. I’ve never had anything but a GREAT experience with them, including fast shipping and great packaging. And of course they have cheap flat rate shipping, so it’s less than $6 to get it all sent right to your front door (fast!) no matter how much you order.

I also mistakenly ordered this low carb bread from Amazon originally, which cost me WAY too much in comparison. 😛

Ordering the bread from Netrition is ideal so you can try other low carb foods too, without paying extra for shipping. Like the low carb pancakes, and even the low carb brownies – because they now carry Good Dee’s mixes, and they’re in stock there!

I’m an affiliate for Netrition so it really helps if you use my link when you place an order, so I can continue reviewing fun new low carb products for you!

Anyway, back to the bread… 🙂

What I Love About The Great Low Carb Bread Company

This bread is only 1 carb per slice and the best I’ve ever tasted. Most of them taste like dirt, lol. It’s the ONLY low carb bread I’ll buy. I get the Everything Bread flavor. It’s absolutely delicious – and it makes a GREAT low carb grilled cheese! 🙂

Low Carb Sliced Bread

Note: I don’t pay extra for thermal packaging or expedited shipping. Just the low flat rate shipping. I’ve tried it all 3 ways and it comes just fine without spending more.

I did A LOT of research on low carb breads.

Some are VERY misleading.

This low carb bread will not stall you, throw you out of ketosis, or cause cravings. The ingredients are solid.

K.S. said: “I got my bread, bagels and tortillias today from Netrition! Oh my, girl I could not resist trying the bread -1/2 a slice just to taste 🙂 and I am saying the texture is exactly like bread, and so is the taste. I had to put in freezer immediately! Thank you so much for the recommendation bc It was expensive. It helps having someone who has tried it to say this it is what I like. So… Thank you!”


What Everyone Else Said About Their Low Carb Breads & Bagels…

Julie: Got ours today too from your recommendation…. oh my goodness! Yummmmm

Denise: I love the rye and the sourdough

Michelle: I have been buying their sourdough bread, multigrain bagels and cinnamon bagels for a few years now. LOVE THEM!! Totally worth the price.

Tracey: I love how people complain about the cost of an entire loaf of bread (many meals) and yet have no issue paying the same price for a single fast food meal.

Me: Tracey You should have seen how much I used to spend eating junk food. 😛 haha. And yes, a loaf of this bread lasts me over a week, so it’s well worth it.

Denise: I think it is totally worth it. The people that complain about the price have not been without bread long enough. 😀

Cindy: I got mine yesterday based on the recommendation. Plain and Cinnamon and I’ve already had both! My, how I’ve missed bread. Delish!!!

Kay: Is this a photo of the everything bread? What is in it?

Me: Yes 🙂 One of my own orders. You can see the ingredients & nutrition facts here, when you choose a flavor (Everything Bread) from the drop down box.

Shelia: Got my bread n bagels today too. Had a toasted bagel with butter for dinner. Yum.

Debbie: Got my Everything bread this week also. I love it. I toasted one slice with butter and made an egg sandwich! It was so good!

The Low Carb Everything Bagels are awesome too!

I did a detailed ingredients comparison here:

Low Carb Bagels: Comparing The Ingredients (Are They Fake Bagels??)

Gwenda: How long will this keep ???

Me: You can freeze it. 🙂 I keep mine in the refrigerator, and then toast it or make a grillled cheese, or grilled ham & cheese:

Low Carb Sandwich Bread

Jeanene: Is it gluten free?

Me: The same company makes a gluten free low carb bread here. 🙂

Pat: It is really good and don’t let the price hold you back. It is so worth it. I keep mine in the freezer and pull it out when I want to use it. The rye and sourdough are good also. Reubens on the rye bread are so yummy!

Beth: Thank you so much for the leg work you did for this and sharing the information with us!!!!!!

Brooke: So, how long do they take to ship to you? I ask because I wonder if I should go without the cold packets like you said. I ordered from them once, and being in Houston, it took almost a week to arrive.

Me: I’m in Tennessee and my orders always come super fast!

Pat: I get mine the 2nd day after ordering. I’m in Wisconsin.

Katie: I usually order so that it goes out on Monday and I have it before Friday, usually no later than Thursday. I’ve ordered several times from them. I love their Everything Bagels. I slice and freeze them immediately, and take out a couple at a time to leave in the refrigerator.

Me: I get it as a treat, and it’s SO worth it. And I save tons of money not eating all the junk food I used to eat, so that makes it worth it to me, lol.

Karen: I keep mine in the freezer & put a few slices in a ziplock for my counter or refrigerator. I have even toasted while frozen. But after years of low carb, a loaf lasts me at least a month. And I never share this bread with anyone except my low-carb mom!!!

Akesha: I just received my order of hamburger buns loaf of bread tortillas and pizza crust…love that site! And so far everything is great especially the hamburger buns…I’m in heaven…this site makes this woe so much easier now!! Oh yea I ordered the pancake mix…it is delicious!!

Me: If you’re placing an order with Netrition, you should get this pancake / waffle mix too. 😉

Denisez: I’m in Louisiana, I’ve ordered in summer ( I did do thermal but the ice packs are always melted by the time I get my order,not doing that again) and have never gotten moldy bread. I make large orders and freeze. I found that if I order on Sunday night, I’ll get order by Friday. The first time I ordered, my order sat the whole weekend ( they don’t deliver on weekends) and wasn’t delivered till Monday. Timing is everything..

Pat: I usually order on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. By Wednesday noon I have it. I’ve been very happy with the delivery.

Tammy: What kind of texture is the bread?

Me: It’s more dense than traditional wheat bread. I prefer it toasted or grilled ham & cheese.

Jill: To me it tastes like regular bread but honestly keeps me full. I toast mine and put a slice of cheese on it. So good

Kathrynz: I got my bread, bagels and tortillias today from Netrition! Oh my, girl I could not resist trying the bread -1/2 a slice just to taste 🙂 and I am saying the texture is exactly like bread, and so is the taste. I had to put in freezer immediately! Thank you so much for the recommendation bc It was expensive. It helps having someone who has tried it to say this it is what I like. So… Thank you!

Brenda: Oh my I just can’t afford 8 dollars for a loaf of bread plus shipping!!! Ill do without. 🙁 why does it cost so much to eat healthy? Makes me sad cause I miss bread.

Me: I spent so much more eating UNhealthy. Sadly I would binge eat before, so I could drop $20 at a drive thru – just for myself.

Kathay: I love it too, it lasts over 1 month in the fridge.

Jill: It is so worth the money

Pat: I’ve ordered the different breads and love them. I also ordered the onion pockets but haven’t tried them yet. They look great though. So far I like everything I’ve ordered. I am eating a peanut butter sandwich on the sourdough bread, so good , 6 net carbs.

Pat: Update on the onion pockets from Great Low Carb Bread Company… fantastic! Big thumbs up! I read all the reviews online at Netrition and every one was great. Can use from sandwiches, burgers, brats, I put Mississippi roast on mine last night. I will definitely be ordering more.

Kathryn: Got mine! Love the bread! Had it w fried eggs yesterday.. delicious! The tortillas I can say absolutely the same about. Already ordered another package cos my daughter liked them too – we made enchiladas.

The bagels I bought (cinnamon flavor) were good also. 1/2 filled me up. However they were not as dense as bagels should be but that is okay- they are 1 carb for a whole bagel so I may use them for open faced sandwiches and save the bread for fried eggs.. since they are 1 carb per slice. All this to say using once in a while… they are all in my freezer.

Teri: I am going on my 3rd week and I lost 9lbs. I am not sure if I should try this for a while

Me: That’s totally up to you Teri. I’ve tested it, and had the same results as all the reviews I read around the web – it doesn’t spike blood sugar, throw you out of ketosis, or cause bloating or cravings. You have to be really cautious about low carb bread products, but this one is good.

I did an ingredient comparison here…


Low Carb Sliced Bread

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Hopefully that Low Carb Bread Q&A helped out if you were on the fence about ordering it yourself. You’ll love it. 🙂