Leave alone all setting under Advanced Wireless Settings as presented; and move over to System Utility. Unfortunately, this device only accepts a 4 character password very poor security , nonetheless change it to something else than the default password known by everyone in the World. A number of custom settings are needed, which apparently the CD based install cannot do. You also need to diconnect from the hub if you used one. If the extender and AP are in the same room in perfect line of sight of each other, with no interference then disregard this recommendations; you may have a bad device.

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You can follow the instructions provided in the provided “Start Here” poster to connect the cables and power up hawking hwren1 extender. I hawking hwren1 the product 4 starts instead of 5 because of the above setup complications, the worthless CD included and the useless tech support as reported by others. After this you can disconnect the network cable from your extender and relocate it to wherever you need to.

Hawking hwren1 it reboots, connect back with the browser if your connection was lost. What this connection does, is it takes the home network out of ahwking hawking hwren1 while configuring the extender. There is no point of having MAC address filtering at the AP and allowing someone to break in thru the extender.


This hawking hwren1 be caused by distance too far ; a semi-blind spot between extender and AP; or some interferring devices such as microwave ovens or cordless phones in the path between extender hawking hwren1 AP. Use that same MAC address, but increment the last digit by one. Reset the extender by pushing the small gawking button on its back and holding it for 10 seconds.

Wireless network extender – HELP!

I have an inexpensive hub. Again, if you are on a network where all IPs start with ” Once you press OK you are presented with hawking hwren1 extender’s configuration Web page. Hawking hwren1 it does not work, you may want to review the steps above and verify that everything entered was correct. All security parameters should be the same as in the AP.

Wireless network extender – HELP! – Tested

If that hawking hwren1 not work type admin for user id and leave the password field blank. You can check your computers IP and if the first three digits are You can come back here after done with changes and review.

Hence, I decided to hawking hwren1 it and so far hawkinh good.

Seemed like outside of setup haawking most had a good experience hawking hwren1 this extender. The extender’s login should pop up and proceed to type in “admin” for user id and “” for password without quote marks. Move on to Wireless Security, while still under the Security tab. If you did, hawking hwren1 probably have to reset that extender. I have not experienced dropped links. That’s one doozy of an extender. If not sure you can start over by resetting the extender to factory defaults.


hawking hwren1

Hawking hwren1 sure after all selections are made you click the Apply button. As many others suggest, diregard the CD and easy setup instructions.

If you do not understand any of this, then you have not setup your AP to filter by Hawking hwren1 and no need to worry about this step, skip it. Because my network is on He seems to know what he is hawking hwren1 about. Anyway, here is Boris’ post.

Before posting such hawking hwren1, I also noticed a few comments complaining about dropped links. Once the connections are completed by step 3 or 4, proceed to bring hawking hwren1 your IE browser and type in go to http: The Status tab presents configuration information, nothing to set here. With a network cable I connected one of the hub ports to my laptop obviously you need to disconneted the hwreh1 first from the home networkand then connected another hub port to the extender with a second network cable.

Move on to the Advanced Settings tab.