You will be presented with a message that says Please Wait, Your printer is connecting to your wireless network. Encryption must be set for the same type on the router and on the printer, or the printer will not be able to communicate on the network. You have the 1st generation Lexmark wireless inkjet printer Back to top Still unable to print? After selecting the security type, you will click Next , and then enter your network key or passphrase.

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The printer itself supports 15 pages a minute in standard monochrome and six in full colour, while the scanner can easily capture images up to x lexmark x4550 wireless printer in enhanced mode, while the standard scan lexnark x dpi, which is more than enough for most uses.

Your wireless network is set up and working properly.

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For Windows XP users, click here for further port configuration instructions. The Lexmark X may not be the best printer on the market, nor the most compact all-in-one we’ve come across, but it does the job adequately and with minimum of wastage. Against Lexmark x4550 wireless printer to be set up through a router Bulky.

Make sure the printer and computer are fully on and ready. With a printer, this means that unlike with wired options, and cable length restrictions, not only do you not need to have the hulking great thing sat right on your desk, but it can be used by more than one computer, or even laptops, without complicated connections and cabling.


Make sure AppleTalk is activated on your printer. Or, you will need the router manufacturer’s default Username and Password to open your lexmark x4550 wireless printer web configuration page. Printer is lexmark x4550 wireless printer Ready.

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WPA2 is highly recommended. The X is not fast, with colour printing obviously slower than monotone.

For Windows VistaWindows 7and Windows 8 users, click here for further port configuration instructions. Security key or passphrase. Channel for ad hoc networks —The channel defaults to auto for infrastructure lexmark x4550 wireless printer.

Choose Advanced Setup only if you want to customize your installation. Installing the printer on a wireless network Windows Wieless installing the printer on a wireless network, make sure: Take special note of.

Check your USB cable connection. Design-wise the X will not offend with its white and brushed metal looks.

It also helps you set up the wireless side of the printer too. We can only assume this is via Lexmark x4550 wireless printer, rather than Wi-Fi connection, and on optimal settings, as it was frankly a bold claim considering the printer’s actual performance.

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Please enter the email address you would like to send a copy of this page to. If the latter option is considered, it is probable that configuration will fail due to factors such as signal strength or other wireless variables.

You are moving the printer to a new network that uses a different network name and security passphrase. The style is classic Lexmark with the top housing the scanner, an angled control panel with easy to understand buttons and a an LCD display, memory card slots SD, MMC and CompactFlash to the front right and paper trays to top and bottom.


Select Infrastructure as your Network Mode setting if you are using an access point wireless router. The scanner element is a flatbed with a design that can lexmark x4550 wireless printer reasonably large items such as books, the stats for this side of things are bit colour lexmark x4550 wireless printer depth and bit for grayscale.

This search prioritizes results based on signal strength. You know your network’s wireless configuration settings You have already joined the printer to the wireless network, but you cannot print Our Verdict Lexmark x4550 wireless printer may be large and heavy, but ease of use and above-average performance are a plus.

This is fine if you’ve already set up lexmark x4550 wireless printer network, but less so if you’re a sole trader. Assuming you have a network in place, setting up the all-in-one is simple and, once connected, the quality it provides is more than acceptable.

Back to top Still unable to print? Selection reference table If Firewall issue Operating system print spooler issue Click here if you need further assistance with these topics.