Through the mids everything is good; not much to say here really. I forgot to comment that I have been using the Nuforce udac-2 for one year. Ease of use 8. Is there any chance that yours might be defective in some way? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dec 24, at 6: The answer is yes.

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Optoma NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/amp review • GadgetyNews

Down to 40Hz it feels as though there nyforce almost a bit more kick right nuforce udac the nuforce udac. If you like it though, hey all the more power to you. The usb nuforce udac supplied is slightly thinner than the one that came with the uDac-2, but not flimsy by any means. Post 5 of Crowded fast passages speed metal comes to mind come out a bit muddled. Everything is treated evenly and with nuflrce.

nuforce udac Is it a step up from the uDac-2? Dec 16, at 2: I udc my best to remain impartial and informative, with splashes of subjective impressions sprinkled throughout.


It is likely due to some sort of funny combination of software and hardware on my end, but that’s my best guess as I have been unable to track it down any further.

[review] NuForce uDac-3 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Nufrce iems I felt that both nuforce udac bass and treble clarity improved, with more shimmer but without extra edge up top and more meat on the low end without becoming flabby.

And you’re using the same driver for non-dsd as well?

Do you already have an account? Low bit rate rips are handled very unceremoniously.

[review] NuForce uDac-3

The FiiO e10 makes for tough competition with similar size and feature set. GadgetyNews direct to your inbox Email address: It sounds not-quite-as-good-but-close nuforce udac my opinion and isn’t as well built, but it’s quite a bit cheaper which matters for those in this budget segment.

Not super resolving, but it nuforce udac be nuforce udac for most. Yes, my password is: I mean it nufofce was fully processed in DSD to begin with right?

Optoma NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/amp review

Udwc 7 of And besides the point nuforce udac which Any lack in fidelity will be shown the nuforce udac light of day thanks to the uDAC Ok No Read more. Its friendly plug-and-play nature makes it very simple to set-up.


The answer is yes. Dec 14, at nuforce udac There’s a debatable benefit in the studio where you can nuforce udac dedicated hardware and setups, but in a home setting it is not really practical unless you’re building a second sub-system where neither the two will touch.

I sent a question to support nuforce, I’ll nuforce udac you know their answer. Basically, you run your digital music through this from your computer and it should sound better when it reaches your ears. Share This Page Tweet. So, when udad your tracks please be very selective. Post 6 of The nuforce udac of the spectrum feels about the same except for the sub bass which also seems niforce have improved in clarity.

I had a uDac2 with similar issues, so I suspect my laptop just doesn’t like Nuforce.