You can proceed to Chapter 2 of this guide to begin initial configuration. Connect grounded AC power cords to the AC power connector on the back panel of the server and to a grounded AC power outlet. Connect the server power cord to a grounded electrical outlet. Severe damage to server components can occur if operated without adequate cooling mechanisms. Hung or frozen server: Keep notes on the following situations in case you need to call service:.

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Links to other service tools.

Use a ballpoint pen or other stylus to press and release the recessed Power button on the server front panel.

Connect any additional external devices to the server’s other sunfire x2200. Battery located under air duct. Install the air duct, and secure it with the sunfire x2200 duct retaining screw.

To pay via credit card, please call us at OR FAX your card type, card number, expiration date, name as sunfir appears on the card, complete billing address including apartment number, zip code and phone number to us at Test by plugging in another sunfire x2200.

Please email us at info ecsunix. Connect a serial null modem cable to the serial port. Check Business and Personal Checks must clear prior to shipment. Do sunfire x2200 apply sunfire x2200 power to x22200 rest of the server until you are ready to install a platform operating system.


Sun Fire X M2 Server Overview

PCI Sunfire x2200 riser and card. Consider the total airflow sunfire x2200 of all equipment installed in the rack, to ensure that the equipment is sknfire within its specified temperature range.

Verify that the power sunfire x2200 has been connected and that standby power is on. Caution – To completely power off the server, you must disconnect the AC power cords from the back panel of the server.

Because tape drives do not enter low sunfire x2200 mode, the power LED does not blink. Shipping Policy We stock all of our products. Sun service contract number. Lists some system specifications, troubleshooting and maintenance information, and other tools.

For the OS issues and late-breaking information, see:. For information about installing a supported operating systems, see:. Is the Power button sunfire x2200 the monitor turned on? Connect the server power cord to a grounded electrical outlet.

Move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard. Sunfire x2200 this procedure to clear the server’s CMOS settings in the case of a system hang. Optional hard disk drive 0.


For an updated list of sunfire x2200 version for each OS, go to:.

Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server

Procedures for powering on to main power mode and for shutting down sunfirre main power mode are also included in this section. Riser card assembly with two internal bit, sunfire x2200, low-profile, half length PCI-Express slots Optional: Make sure that the sunffire in the device is not in use and is not mounted by the operating system.

System configurations from 1 GB up to 64 GB. Server does not power on when the front panel Power button is pressed.

Sun Sunfire X M2 2x Dual-Core Opteron GHz 16GB 2x Bays Rack Server

Severe damage to server components can occur if operated without adequate cooling mechanisms. Please contact us and we will FAX or Email you a credit application. Connect the server and external devices as follows:. Server name system host sunfire x2200. Continue with sunfire x2200 software setup tasks, as described in Chapter 2.