It is able to comply with minimum demands, but, its main advantage is the low price. Vertically, you’ll face whitening respectively darkening if your viewing angle even only slightly deviates from the ideal. The display is rather untypical for the consumer market. However, the construction of the case , the lid, and the front edge, make it easy to have the L40 pegged as Toshiba notebook. Overall, the speakers are fit for rather good music playback.

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Laptop Toshiba Satellite L40-17T

At the moment sateplite Toshiba Satellite LN is among others top in competition about the most reasonable available notebook. The Toshiba Satellite LN does not provide any hot keys. It is very quiet in idle mode and also the surface temperature stays within admissible range.

toshiba satellite l40 17t All other options, e. During our review the Toshiba Satellite L40 was rather quiet without load idle mode and it’s noise emissions stayed low during text processing and browsing the Internet via WLAN. The display also left a good impression. Check Satellite LT Laptop compatible memory. The surface temperature of the L40 stays also always within 17h range. We didn’t absolutely like the keyboard, because it clatters a little bit.


Video of Display’s Viewing Angles. We were pleased that the display has a matte and non-reflecting surface. Toshiba satellite l40 17t, during typing we found that some keys wobble and clatter little bit. Horizontally, there is a clear contrast loss. Though limited, a mobile use of the L40 tpshiba possible. We have fast and cheap shipping options available. This is also the primary disadvantage of the Satellite LN.

Satellite LT Memory Upgrade – Toshiba LT Satellite Laptop Memory

We have a 14 days return policytoshiba satellite l40 17t you can return the memory if you are not satisfied. The Toshiba Satellite LN has a decent look, The Toshiba Satellite LN’s case well reflects the general characteristics of the notebook. Typically only business notebooks provide such a display.

For more help on adding extra memory on Satellite LT contact our live support. The chosen forms are simple, so, they contribute to the L40’s worthy appearance.

Review Toshiba Satellite LN Notebook – Reviews

Rather narrow viewing angles are a weakness of the provided screen. Toshiba satellite l40 17t Toshiba Satellite LN is a typical notebook for text processing, browsing the Internetwatching moviesand listening to music.


The built-in hard disk was also hardly audible. Tosihba, only little RAM is available for applications, which can worsen the performance. Installing memory on a Laptop is quick and easy.

However, only the most important interface are provided: Click here to talk to us now!. The Laptop has 2 2 banks of 1 to install memory, already with 1GB standard memory installed.

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Neither the horizontal nor the vertical scroll regions are visually labeled. You can also buy this notebook there.

The top side stayed very cool. A ramshorn hook keeps the Toshiba Satellite L40 closed during transportation. The plastic look and feel of the case when using the notebook is also distinctive.